Course curriculum

    1. Let's get started

    2. About the Author

    3. Copyright Notice for Therapy Trainings™

    4. Voiceover Instructions

    5. Course Overview

    6. Course Objectives

    7. Course Agenda

    1. Definition of Social Media in Clinical Practice

    2. Importance of Ethical and Professional Considerations Related to Social Media Use

    3. Overview of Ethical and Legal Principles Related to Social Media Use in Mental Health Practice

    4. Resources

    1. Professionalism: The Importance of Maintaining a Professional Online Presence

    2. Privacy: Strategies for Protecting Personal and Client Information

    3. Security: Best Practices for Securing Online Accounts and Data

    4. Social Media policies: Developing and Implementing Social Media Policies in Mental Health Practice

    5. Resources

    6. Quiz 1

    1. Confidentiality: Confidentiality Principles and Exceptions Related to Social Media use

    2. Boundaries: Strategies for Maintaining Appropriate Boundaries With Clients Online

    3. Advertising: Understanding and Complying With Ethical and Legal Standards for Advertising Mental Health Services Online

    4. Resources

    1. Benefits and Risks of Social Media Use in Mental Health Practice

    2. Social Media Platforms and Tools for Mental Health Professionals

    3. Developing a Social Media Strategy for Mental Health Practice

    4. Resources

    5. Quiz 2

    1. Responding to Negative Feedback and Managing Online Conflicts

    2. References

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