Course Curriculum

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    1. Let's get started

    2. About the Author

    3. Copyright Notice for

    4. Agenda of the Course

    5. Introduction to Domestic Violence

    1. What is Domestic Violence

    2. Types of Domestic Violence

    3. Quiz 1

    1. Resources and Data

    2. Why do victims stay with or return to abusers?

    3. Red Flags of Abuse

    4. The Cycle of Violence

    5. Quiz 2

    1. Long-Term Effects of Domestic Violence

    2. Additional Long-Term Effects

    3. Quiz 3

    1. Introduction to Treatment Models

    2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    3. Motivational Interviewing

    4. Grief Counseling

    5. Resources and Materials

    6. Quiz 4

    1. Legal Remedies

    2. The Kentucky Penal Code

    3. Protective Orders

    4. Frequently Asked Questions about Protective Orders

    5. Types of Protective Orders

    6. Quiz 5

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