Course curriculum

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    2. Course Syllabus

    1. Talking About Suicide

    2. Language Matters

    3. Reflect and Share: Research on Communication About Suicide

    4. Self-Directed Violence Classification System

    5. Quiz: Using SDVCS on Case Studies

    6. Supplementary References

    1. Pretest: Suicide Myths vs Facts

    2. Suicide Statistics

    3. Reflect and Share: Starting a Conversation on Suicide

    4. Groups at Risk of Suicide

    5. Personal Stories From a Group at Risk of Suicide

    6. Reflect and Share: Research About a Group at Risk of Suicide

    7. Supplementary References

    1. Suicidal Behavior Disorder in the DSM-5

    2. Suicide: Risk Factors, Associated Mental Disorders, and Warning Signs

    3. Reflect and Share: Research on Suicide

    4. Major Depressive Disorder and Its DSM-5 Symptoms

    5. DSM-5 Diagnostic Criteria of Major Depressive Disorder

    6. The Brain's Impact in Depression

    7. Supplementary References

    1. Core Principles of Suicide Risk Assessment

    2. Underlying Factors in Suicide Risk Assessment

    3. Reflect and Share: Video Commentary on Conducting Suicide Risk Assessment

    4. Suicide Risk Assessment Tools

    5. Access to Suicide Risk Assessment Tools

    6. Reflect and Share: Evaluating a Suicide Risk Assessment Tool

    7. Suicide Risk Assessment Process

    8. Suicide Risk Formulation

    9. Reflect and Share: Stratifying Suicide Risk Levels

    10. Reflect and Share: Challenges of Assessing Suicide Risk

    11. Supplementary References

    1. Treatment and Management of Suicidality

    2. Reflect and Share: My Practices in Suicide Treatment and Management

    3. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Its Forms

    4. Psychodynamic Therapy and Split Treatment

    5. Reflect and Share: Evidence-Based Treatments

    6. Managing Clients in Suicidal Crisis

    7. Reflect and Share: Advice to Novice Counselor

    8. Clinical Approaches to Suicidality

    9. Quiz: CAMS and TRMSP

    10. Reflect and Share: How I Assess and Manage Suicidal Clients

    11. Reflect and Share: Self-Care in Counseling Suicidal Clients

    12. Supplementary References

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